The Professional Habitus in Religious Education

The Professional Habitus in Religious Education
The Professional Habitus in Religious Education

Theory and Practice of Competence-Based Teacher Training – including Professional Simulation

This empirically grounded book focuses on the constitution of the professional
habitus in Religious Education. The book contains a solid theoretical
background referring to the theories of professionalism and habitus formation (e. g. Pierre Bourdieu) and delivers directly usable methods to form the
habitus in teacher training. One innovative method is “Professional Simulation”,
which is presented in detail.
The book consists of six chapters:
– The professional habitus.
– The professionalized habitus.
– The professional and professionalized habitus in teacher training.
– Concept and methods of Professional Simulation.
– Case studies in teacher training and empirical research.
– Conclusions for contemporary challenges.
The book is aimed at students, trainees and teachers who intend to develop
or improve their professional competences. It is also directed to researchers
who are interested in developing a theory of professional action in Religious
Education. It can be used at university, in teacher training institutes and in
the professional field of schools.

Stefan Heil, Prof. Dr. is director of the Institute of Religious Education (Diocese of Würzburg, Germany) and holds an Extraordinary Professorship on ReligiousEducation at the Julius-Maximilians- University Würzburg.

Manfred Riegger, Prof. Dr. Social Work (FH), is academic senior advisor to the Chair for Catholic Religious Didactics and Religious Education at the Catholic- Theological Faculty at the University of Augsburg, Germany, andholds an Extraordinary Professorship on Religious Education and Catechesis.

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Heil, Stefan/Riegger, Manfred (Hrsg.)

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